Millonaria trabajando como barrendera

no sólo trabaja para dar ejemplo a sus hijos, es que el sueldo que percibe es mísero.. $230 al mes.. para que luego digan que USA es "la tierra de las oportunidades".. cualquier barrendero en cualquier país de Europa percibe más..

Female millionaire found working as street cleaner for the sanitation department

Many people were surprised to learn that the woman, who is cleaning their street, is a millionaire.

Yu Youzhen, 54, is worth 10 million yuan ($1.6 million).

However, she lives a simple lifestyle and she works hard.

Yu works for the sanitation department as a street cleaner and earns $230 a month.

When asked why she decided to go back to work and work so hard when she has so much money, Youzhen responded that she wants to be a good example for her children and teach them good work ethics.

"The work is not just about wages, it gives me something to do, which is very important,” Youzhen said.

Youzhen said that she made it very clear to her children that if they work, they will inherit her fortune, but if they refuse to work and choose to sit around and live off their parents, then she will not leave her fortune to them.

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